Jason Bundy Picture

Jason Bundy | Owner/President

Jason was born in New York but moved with his family to South Florida when he was 6 years old. Growing up in Florida, as a witness to the building boom, he became quite interested in the new construction and remodeling industry. He initially began his career path working for Home Depot as an Outdoor Living specialist; progressing to the Plumbing field as a department supervisor, and finally advanced into his real forte, flooring. Over the years, Jason has gained experience in all types of flooring: carpet, vinyl, porcelain and ceramic tile, wood, glass, stone, and marble, developing expertise working for major stone manufacturers and distributors in the wholesale side of the trade. He currently works both the wholesale and retail elements of the business, assisting all types of clientele, from builders to designers and homeowners. Jason finds reward in seeing his clients’ vision come full circle and into reality. He initially started his career at Tamiami in 2007, and worked his way through the rank and file to ultimately purchase the business in January 2020 with the intentions of carrying on the time lasting traditions of Tamiami Tile.